We provide a range of plumbing services which include pumps, main water connections, drinking water and degassing. 
We can arrange with the local water authorities for a connection to the mains water supply to ensure that you have adequate water on site. 
Not only for drinking but also operationally and in many cases pumps can be installed to give adequate pressure to all parts of the building site. 
We also have a selection of sump pumps to maintain water levels and ensure water is controlled, these will all be wired to a McAuliffe Site Services Ltd distribution unit, ensuring the power supply is continually maintained. 
Degassing - We are licensed and certified to degas and remove gasses on site and will present you with documentation to keep as evidence it has been removed safely but also in an environmentally safe way. 


Please contact us for further information about the company or if you wish for us to work with you on any future projects. 
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